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Asics - Gel-Flexkee Pro - Black/Birch

This product, developed at the ASICS Sports Engineering Laboratory, analyzes athletes' movements in skateboarding competitions and incorporates advisory staff, including Takasaki Nakamura's insights.

Its high functionality allows athletes to maximize their performance. To enhance front-foot flexibility while riding, a continuous groove runs from the bottom to the side of the outsole.

The asymmetrical design of the upper, focused on the instep's outside area, fosters a secure fit while maintaining sensitivity to the board's touch for precise riding.

The eyelet shape and velo part ensure durability and prevent lace damage. The sole features the impact-cushioning material 'GEL,' enabling better balance and softening landing impact.

Additionally, the front of the upper utilizes durable polyurethane resin used in our tennis shoes to improve wear resistance.

Size: 5