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NYC Marathon with Jake Keenan

KCDC team rider Jake keenan shares his experience of running his first NYC marathon- by Amy Ellington

Amy -Hi Jake! Thanks for doing this interview. For those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

Jake -My names Jake Keenan. I’m a Skateboarder, painter, pool player that co-owns a clothing/cafe in Williamsburg called Cafe Bureau. 

A -I think It’s pretty rare that a skateboarder would be interested in running a marathon especially one of the toughest marathons around! What made you want to do it?

J -It all started when I drunkenly told all my friends that I could run a marathon by the end of the year (2 months before the NYC marathon).

A - How did you train leading up to the big day?

J -I started running back and forth across the Williamsburg bridge a couple times the said fuck it and ran 10 miles. It wasn’t the smartest decision going from 3 to 10 so fast but I slowly worked myself up to at least one 15 mile run a week.

A -Did you ever consider not doing it?

J -I never considered not doing it. Once my mind accepts the challenge there’s no going back.

A -How were the days leading up to the big day? Did you do anything special?

J -Leading up to the day I didn’t change much. I paused the skateboard for the last two weeks leading up because I had a minor ankle roll and also got hit by a car lol. God didn’t want me to run the marathon. If you believe in yourself then you don’t need a higher power to achieve your goals. 

A -What were the other runners like? Did you meet anyone? 

J -Running culture is possibly the exact opposite of me. It’s like the hallmark channel. Everyone at the start of the race was warming up, doing little sprints, stretching all crazy. I saved my energy by people watching and smoking a cigarette. It’s just a little too much positivity. 

A - What did you do during the race to stay up?

J -I consumed 3 electrolyte capsules, 3 energy chews, 3 beers, 2 cigarettes, and any fruit that the crowd handed me. (Tip - take all the oranges and bananas).

A -Now that the marathon is over, what are your plans? Did it affect the way you look at your life? How about skateboarding? Any tips for anyone interested in running next years New York Marathon?

J -I think this marathon taught me a lot about my body. If you keep pushing your limits and can adapt. My legs feel so much stronger on my skateboard. My push is angelic lol. If you’re a skateboarder and have learned the art of mind over matter when it comes to pain then you’ll be just fine running the marathon.

A -Amazing, thanks Jake! We love you!