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KCDC's Natalie Thomas conducts an interview with Sam Narvaez where she discusses Sam's new adidas colorway, injury, and recent projects.
We threw a Back-to-School Skate Jam and BBQ this past weekend at McCarren Park, and it was such a blast! We wanted to share some of the fun with everyone online and extend a big thank you to everyone who showed up and made it happen.
The premiere was set for last Wednesday, August 10th. When the night of the premiere came around, we closed up the shop a little early and the whole KCDC crew met up at N. 3rd and took off for the city. The screening was in Manhattan, at The Paris Theater by Columbus Circle.

Jacob Campbell provides a short write-up summary of the There Skateboards video premiere for "Ruining Skateboarding", which was hosted in collaboration with the shop and featured our good homie Jessyka Bailey going pro.

For many of us, skateboarding is one of the most important things in our lives, and most of the other things we should be paying attention to fall to the wayside. Voting is usually one of those things that skaters neglect or forget about.
We know times are tough right now and you’re probably stuck in your room going insane looking for things to watch, or just gazing out the window thinking of skating with your friends.