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Cruiser Wheels (Durometer 78 - 80): Cruiser wheels are designed with a softer composition that is best for cruising and transportation. These wheels are particularly well-suited for beginners due to their forgiving nature. Cruiser wheels make it easier to smoothly navigate crunchy terrains and handle sizable cracks and bumps.

Hybrid Wheels (Durometer 87 - 93): Hybrid wheels offer a middle-ground solution for skaters seeking a slightly firmer wheel, that doesn't fully commit to the characteristics of a trick-oriented wheel. They cater to both new and intermediate skaters who are looking to venture into tricks while still offering a slightly smoother ride.

Hard Wheels (Durometer 97 and Up): Hard wheels with a durometer range from 99 and above are your quintessential skate wheel. Engineered with tricks in mind, their harder composition is best suited for skaters that want that precision and control with the ability to slide. Not recommended for transportation.