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KCDC Skateshop

Our Story

Unity Makes Strength, the immortal motto emblazoned upon the hearts and minds of all Brooklynites, took on a whole new meaning for the NYC skate scene the day KCDC opened its doors in 2001. KCDC’s community-driven approach immediately helped unify and galvanize Brooklyn’s scene; nearly two decades they remain a cornerstone of Brooklyn and their role in the revitalization and growth of Williamsburg is undeniable.

Amy Ellington, KCDC’s Queen of King’s County & NYC female skateshop pioneer, has always made it a point of championing the mental health benefits of the skateboarding’s inclusive nature. As a constant promoter of diversity in skateboarding KCDC’s goals are to support and cultivate wellness for all women and NYC youths through continued events and programs that support the physical and mental health of skateboarders and the local community.

Over the past 20 years KCDC has hosted some of the most forward thinking events in the skateboard industry... From yoga for skateboarders, and in-store discussions of “Racism & Skateboarding” (hosted by Jileen Lao), to skate clinics, indoor skate nights, as well as countless art & photo shows. With such luminaries as Dennis McNett, FOS, French, Geoff Rowley, Ed Templeton, Bert Krak, Alessandro Simonetti, Chad Muska, Dylan Goldberger, Jeremy Fish, Leo Baker, Lizzie Reid, Polar, Antihero, Spitfire, Giovanni Reda, RB Umali, and Chris Nieratko.

Throughout the years, KCDC has collaborated with some of the most cutting-edge international brands, such as Challenger in Japan, and WeSC in Sweden. While remaining dedicated to KCDC's local roots through partnerships with The Levee, and Saint Vitus. KCDC focuses supporting local brands unique to the skate scene in Brooklyn.

We at KCDC realize that skateshops are the cultural hub of the skate community. We do not take that responsibility lightly. The friends we’ve made, the creators we’ve met, the kids we’ve nurtured over the years, remain a daily source of inspiration. We thank anyone who has ever stepped foot in our shop for your love and support.

KCDC is located at 80 North 3rd Street.