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Asics - Gel-Vickka Pro - IronClad/White

Size: 5

Derived from the 1970s VICKKA™ training shoe, the GEL-VICKKA™ PRO shoes pay homage to its original intent of enhancing stability during intricate training maneuvers. Fast-forward to the present, these shoes have undergone a sophisticated transformation to cater to the demands of skateboarding.

The forefront of the upper boasts a seamless, one-piece construction engineered to mitigate tearing, ensuring enhanced durability over time. Evolving in tandem with the dynamics of skateboarding, the sock-liner design is rooted in meticulous movement analysis. This innovative feature applies varying pressure levels to the inner and outer aspects of the foot, actively promoting an elevated center of gravity and heightened stability while skating.

The GEL™ cushioning system has strategic placement within the heel segment of the shoe. This minimizes impact kick-back, offering protection and support during high-impact scenarios.